Elmetron, Zabrze, Šl±sk, POLAND

We offer pH meters, conductivity meters, ion meters, oxygen meters, thermometers, humidity meters, thickness gaugess, electrodes, cells sensors and oter acessories.

  • salinity meter CC-105
  • salinity meter CC-411
  • salinity meter CC-401
  • salinity meter CC-505
  • salinity meter CC-502
  • salinity meter CPC-105
  • salinity meter CPC-411
  • salinity meter CPC-401
  • salinity meter CPC-505
  • salinity meter CPC-502
  • salinity meter CCO-502
  • salinity meter CCO-505
  • salinity meter CCO-401
  • salinity meter, pH meter, oxygen meter CX-105
  • salinity meter, pH meter, oxygen meter CX-401
  • salinity meter, pH meter, oxygen meter CX-461
  • salinity meter, pH meter, oxygen meter CX-505
  • salinity meter, pH meter, oxygen meter CX-502
  • salinity meter, pH meter, oxygen meter CX-701

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