The combination pH electrode ERH-12-6 is designed for pH measurements in water and other liquids, especially in small volume samples.
The electrode may also be used as universal pH sensor in laboratory conditions.
The ERH-12-6 has a glass body and is equipped with a ceramic junction.
The conical shape of the membrane and easy access to the junction makes cleaning the electrode very easy.
The small diameter of the end of electrode and its shape enables making measurements in samples of a small volume in test tubes or other small vessels. Using a special test-tube, delivered in the set with the electrode, in a shape and diameter very close to the electrode’s size, enables pH measurements in samples from 0.4 cm3.
In the electrode body there is a hole to refill or exchange the reference electrolyte.

Technical Data
Measuring Range 0 ÷ 14 pH
Temperature range 0 ÷ 60 °C
for short period usage 80 °C
Resistivity of the membrane (in 20°C) 200 ÷ 500 MΩ
Zero point (pHE=0) 7 ±0.5 pH
Reference electrode Ag/AgCl
Reference solution 3.0 M KCl +AgCl
Body diameter 6.5 mm ±0.5 mm / 12.0 mm ±0.5 mm
Body length (without cable socket) 120 mm ±5 mm
Minimal depth of immersing 25 mm
Maximal depth of immersing 90 mm
Body material glass
Membrane shape cone
Diaphragm material ceramic
Cable length about 1 m
Connector BNC-50