ELMETRON - pH-meters, conductivity meters, oxygen meters, ion meters, humidity meters, thermometers, thickness gauges

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• Used for the field work.
• Minimised size and weight.
• Single and multifunction meters.
• Good technical parameters.
• Replaceable heads equipped with electrodes.
• Waterproof housing (IP-67).
• Good quality / price ratio.

• Used for the field and laboratory measurements.
• Minimised size and weight.
• Waterproof housing (IP-66).
• Large display with distinguishable digits.
• Accurate.
• The sensors and electrodes can be chosen according to requirements.
• Powered by battries, optionally the power adapter for the laboratory work.
• Easy to use.

• Used for the field and laboratory work.
• Large, backlit LCD.
• Waterproof housing (IP-66).
• Highly accurate.
• Single or multifunction meters.
• Wide range of additional functions.
• Datalogger for 4000 readouts.
• The readouts may be collected in series with set time and intervals.
• Clock with date.
• Connection with PC by RS-232 output (optionally: USB output by suitable adapter).
• Powered by rachargeable batteries and power adapter.
• The meters meet the GLP requirements.

• Simple, accurate stationary meter for continuous measurement.
• Waterproof housing.
• Back lit display for work in dark places.
• On the display it is possible to simultaneously observe the result of the measured function and temperature
• Two relays for controlling other equipment (ex. valves, alarm etc.)
• Powered with 12V power adapter