ELMETRON - pH-meters, conductivity meters, oxygen meters, ion meters, humidity meters, thermometers, thickness gauges

We are a Polish general partnership, founded in 1989, manufacturing pH meters, ion meters, conductivity meters, dissolved oxygen meters, thermo / hygrometers, thermometers and thickness meters. In our offer you will find portable or laboratory single and multifunction meters of diversified use, accuracy and with various additional functions.

The controllers used for continuous measurements constitute a separate group of our meters. These are pH controllers, devices for redox potential measurement, oxygen controllers and conductivity controllers used for measurements in boiler water.

We do not take advantages of any other companies’ licences, all the ideas connected with the meters’ design and software are our own solutions. One of our priorities is to provide possibly the simpliest and the most intuitive procedures of making measurements. In the multifunction meters these procedures are unified for all the measuring functions, what facilitates working. We focus on minimising the weight and dimensions of our portable meters and yet on sustaining possibly the longest operation time wthout charging the batteries. We do not follow the trends, which often lead to reducing the product’s functionality, but we put an emphasis on modernising our meters in such a way to make a substantial progress.

We put a great focus on our customer service by providing a competent advice before purchase and a free training upon receipt. Apart from the operational instructions, the user’s manuals contain the basic theoretical background of making measurements. We are gradually implementing short films enabling the user to become familiar with the service and maintenance basis.

Premediated design ideas and selection of the most suitable electronic elements makes our products competitive. The production process is based on an automatic SMD assembly, semi-automatic manufacturer calibration and a quality control containing a few stages.

Failures of our products are very infrequent and the user’s compliance with the procedures given in manual and replacing the electrodes and cells regularly ensures long-term, trouble-free work. We are still receiving a lot of information from our customers about non-failure work of some of our meters even for more than 15 years.